1. An absolutely useless thing or person.

2. A knuckle protruding from the shaft of the penis.
My brother is a penis knuckle.

When John awoke in hospital to find he had a penis knuckle, he knew the skin graft was a success.
by Noso July 05, 2007
Top Definition
1. When the penis is folded over in your pants and protrudes through revealing a short nub to be seen by all, giving you that uncomfortable feeling that you cannot fix when you are in public.

2. A lazy person who is dumb founded to everything around him/her.
After the awkward silence, he said, "Why you gotta be a penis knuckle?"

You're a penis knuckle!
by CBizkit84S March 08, 2013
1.Someone with penisknuckles has such an erected hard penis it is as one large knuckle.

2.fighting someone with your penis.
Dan, i am no match for your penisknuckles.

Zack and Blake are going to fight penisknuckles style.
by Zachary Rosas May 31, 2007

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