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Example cock
1. A straight mans best bud.
2. A gay mans dinner.
3. A fat girls dream.
4. Your lemondame dispenser.
5. The baby batter factory.
6. What made every man, and women on Earth.
7. Cousin, and mentor of the testicles.
Sarah: Ladies first, sir!
Dan: Excuse me miss bitch, this and several other penises made you.
by MasterQueef01 November 10, 2012
plural word for "penis"
Man, there is a lot of peni at this party. We should probably leave.
by Dusean Mandick April 10, 2010
that thing that keeps popping up in your pants
1whats that thing in my pants

2your penis
by caelin moore December 04, 2011
A more humorous way of saying penis.
Eww Grant has a hairy peni tip.
by KiBeCh January 27, 2009
an anagram for "spine"
"Hey, I never realized that "penis" was really just an anagram for "spine"
by anagram_finder February 04, 2014
A long hard thing that can make woman do anything
Plz can I suck your penis?
Of course u can join in later there are 8 other girls coming over they all wanna gimme some
so u coming
Of course can I quickly suck yr dick
by GIMME SEX March 25, 2013
Something my boyfriend should let me touch
Whip it out _______
I'd love to touch your Penis!