1. A vital part of a man's physique which he hopes is very large.

2. The cause of a man to buy a large truck for compensation

3. Something women love, but never respect

4. Part of the male brain that often get's a man into trouble.

1. I have a big penis
2. Look how big my truck is ((god I hope she doesn't see my penis))
3. Oh, that was great sex, but, you call THAT a penis?
4. Don't always think with your penis
by Josh Selvidge February 03, 2007
plural word for "penis"
Man, there is a lot of peni at this party. We should probably leave.
by Dusean Mandick April 10, 2010
The male body part that Justin Bieber didn't grow.
(Boy) Mum, what's a penis? (Mum) A penis is the thing that the crap singer doesn't have it where it should be. (Boy) Where is his then? (Mum) He only has one in bed in his mouth.
by theurbandictionarylover April 26, 2015
A long hard thing that can make woman do anything
Plz can I suck your penis?
Of course u can join in later there are 8 other girls coming over they all wanna gimme some
so u coming
Of course can I quickly suck yr dick
by GIMME SEX March 25, 2013
A meat bar that you can wrap up in ribbons and slip in your sock. But don't take it out in public or they will stick you in the dock, and you won't come back.
I took my meat bar (penis) out in the park. Now I'm writing this definition and example from prison.
by Bossa Nova January 24, 2015
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