Can be used as Yes or No
Something girls and guys suck on (sad but true)
A: Do you have the time?
B: Penis!
by Semaj November 28, 2004
the reason men go to war. they fight over whos dick is bigger. no duh nuclear weapons are shaped like em
ur mama has one
by hannah January 17, 2004
the leading appendage of the male species....see also: One Eyed Snake, Maker of the Love Mayonaise, and Love Stick.
My penis controls my every move....well, the penis is actually controlled by boobs, but whatever.
by Kat November 29, 2003
Something that is between 3-5 inches erect in a human man, despite what the internet liars say.
The average penis length erect is closer to a battery than a toothpaste.
by Dan September 20, 2003
your thingy
penis <3 vagina
by Anonymous August 27, 2003
a kid called staurt
hey, staurt is a total penis
by gary July 04, 2003
a large parasitic worm living off 50% of what would be an all-female population.
Men are just ugly women with penises.
by looopyylydia August 12, 2005
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