Something every girl should appreciate more. Especially when they're bigger than the average male. (Like my boyfriend)

It's a penis! ^.^
by El Katie-O December 28, 2005
the muscle in between a males leg that enlarges with stimulated by women....or if your men, but lets not get into that. when with a woman, you drive it into her vagina bringing it back and forth...
1) Man, I drilled your mom with my abnormally ginormous penis.
2) My penis is growing...but I don't see any women!
by gidgaon June 28, 2005
1. A desire of mine to have.
2. Easily purchased in a variety of colors and sizes.
3. Comes with a pulse and without.
I wish I had a penis for 24 house. I would show man a thing or two.
by Jennifer Hinds June 20, 2005
Penis - Slang for Ice. From
I love chewing on penis, Taco Bell has the best penis
by Exodus88 March 27, 2005
The only part of a man's that CANNOT be small in order to get a woman.
Woman: You may be in shape, but if your dick is too small, no love for you!
by Ash-ho February 07, 2005
the reason men go to war. they fight over whos dick is bigger. no duh nuclear weapons are shaped like em
ur mama has one
by hannah January 17, 2004
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural pe·nes /'pE-(")nEz/; or pe·nis·es
Etymology: Latin, penis, tail; akin to Old High German faselt penis, Greek peos
Date: 1676
: a male organ of copulation that in male mammals including humans usually functions as the channel by which urine leaves the body
I like to suck penis. Cock. What stenzler has in his juicy white ass.
by Jack Byers January 12, 2004

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