the male reproductive organ; mantool; willy; wanker; wang
Hey man, your penis is erect. Do you need some "alone time".

Oh yes! Oh yeah! You penis is so large!

Penis' are good with mustard and onions.
by jesus christ November 06, 2002
an appendage of the male genetalia
charlie town eats penis for dinner!
by yo September 25, 2002
what kind of idiot are you if you actually need to look this up?
man1: "what is a penis?"

man2: "im not exactly sure, lets go look it up!"
by holylemonkid November 21, 2007
the thing i love most in this world

it makes me drip good smelling things
put that penis in that hole, right there, do you see it, come on aqueeze it in dont be a fagget
by hardcorecliche October 11, 2006
1: Noun. Anybody who writes definitions for sexual organs on an online dictionary, esp. anonymously
2: Noun. Anybody who refers to the reader in the definition
3: Interjection. Often used in more polite circles by people who don't realize that saying "Penis" is just as shocking as saying "Fuck."
1: Dude, whoever wrote this is a penis.
2: Dude, that guy just called me a penis! That penis!
3: Oh, penis.
by A No-name-us September 04, 2006
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