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the leading appendage of the male species....see also: One Eyed Snake, Maker of the Love Mayonaise, and Love Stick.
My penis controls my every move....well, the penis is actually controlled by boobs, but whatever.
by Kat November 29, 2003
that thing i please various women with
"i please many women last night with my penis"
by jesus August 17, 2003
Joe M's huge cock.
Joe m has a huge cock!
by ajson May 28, 2003
a body part used to make babies.
OMFG his penis is so BIG
by ihaveasmallpenis March 22, 2009
1) The thing that 'most' true men have.
2) The thing, that if is over 6 inches, all women will love.
3) The one thing, that mostly, you can't lose.
4) Turns lesbians back straight.
5) Devirginate women.
6) Should never be inserted into other men.
7) The thing that women put in there mouth when you tell them too.
8) Sometimes women stroke it with there hands and give you a hj
1) "Hey baby, let me see your penis, I'm horny..."
2) "Oh baby, It's huge!"
3) "Shit where did it go?! Oh there it is, right where i left it!"
4) "I don't like men, sorry hun." (15 mins later) "Lets do it again.."
5) "But but.. I'm not ready" "Come on baby, if you love me you will do me"... "Oh god that was great"
6) "Hey Ron, wanna have sex?" "F*** Off dude!"
7) "It's nice isn't it?" "Mhmm.."
8) "Ohh, god.." "You like that doncha baby?"
by godo February 09, 2008
1.Could possibly be used as a kick stand when hard
2.My boyfriend has a big one
3.Most girls like them
4.Make a good glue dispenser
5.Solve world hunger
6.Make girls horny
8.Another word for it, Dick
9.Wee Wee
10.Butt Plugger
That boi's got a weee penis
by Zombehs August 31, 2006
Something every girl should appreciate more. Especially when they're bigger than the average male. (Like my boyfriend)

It's a penis! ^.^
by El Katie-O December 28, 2005