(n) An object which males possess which has the soul purpose of giving sexual pleasure
His penis is soooo long!
by George W. Fucker November 11, 2003
The monstrous serpent of love that only the finest female can tame.
my penis was tamed today by britney spears's mom's hairy ass.
by the master of bation November 08, 2003

looks a bit like that

if u have a stick insect willy :D :D

and btw rob u must be a bit phucked if u have a hairy penis, most people tend to get it around the area where the penis connects to the body, you hairy helm boy.
Man 1 : damn that rob's got a hairy penis!!

Man 2 : damn i'd hate to have a hairy helm of uber proportions

by Ganjzilla!! August 31, 2003
Something that has many names used to seduce your woman. Examples include: throbbing pole, love meat, and Weapon of Mass Insertion. Go for it bro.
"Yo baby George Bush wants to bomb me cause I possess a Weapon of Mass Insertion. Suck it."
by t.ho June 27, 2003
somthing that you use for a wepon agenst girls when they get frisky.
quick yank out yer penis theres a girl coming!
by Garrett Johnson June 04, 2003
A measure of comparison used by white males, usually in their teenage years.
"Whites are better than asians, we have bigger penises."
by 1337 h4x0r June 01, 2003
Something I have.
Something I like to suck on
by Spooka May 22, 2003

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