Something that likes gettin sucked on
Linda sucked alex is dick and made him cum all over her new shirt... she giggled
by AC August 17, 2003
i have a penis
that thing that dangles
by peeman April 27, 2003
the reproductive male organ
here we ahve the testicles and this long thing is known as a penis
by Anonymous March 21, 2003
the male sex organ, has a shit life getting battered. please help urs by cutting it off and giving it to the Willy wonka factory, he will appreciate it.
Boy: ahahaahah mmmmm jizz better wipe that up. (wipes up) arggh my penis is eating my bum flufff - daim
by Rodger graham - December 09, 2010
what kind of idiot are you if you actually need to look this up?
man1: "what is a penis?"

man2: "im not exactly sure, lets go look it up!"
by holylemonkid November 21, 2007
a magical wand used for pleasurable acts as well as a defence mechanism. Where there is penis, there will be Smokey and Frootloop.
She felt the warm presence of me penis

I managed to fend those negros off at the last second by using my penis
by Smokeeee August 29, 2006
1. A mans dick.
2. Wang
1. Tony stuck his 18 inch penis into my tit last night!
by seeme March 02, 2006

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