A body organ of male mamals, used for sexual intercourse and discharge of urine. The thing I suck on all night long. G2G so I can give my boyfriend Blake a blow job.
Me giving head to my boyfriend Blake.
by Jessica June 16, 2004
Word commonly seen in various forms on urbandictionary .
user: hee hee hee penis pen15 pen0r cock rod fukstik dick one-eyed monster staff wood..............................................................etc etc etc etc
by stupidchicken2k4 February 02, 2004
True bringer of heaven.
Mmm, penis.
by korrrrrrrn November 03, 2003
The most vital part on my body ova dan my hand lol.
Has many nicknames such as gigglestick luvplank purple helmet warrior an my personal fave Hank the Wankplank
ooo Hanks needsa rubbin
by MeAd November 03, 2003
the thing that starts out as a vienna sausage, and either stays this way, or grows up to be mr penis
your penis is large, your penis is so thick, your penis is so pretty, you have a handsome dick
by penguin November 02, 2003
that lollipop i love to suck on
my name is sophie and im a whore i love to give head to other girlz boyfriends, penis's are the best type of lollipops! tehe
by stupid slutty dick suker sophie October 10, 2003
small willy
woody from clarksfield has a very small willy n he can't please anybody!
by pip October 09, 2003

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