: a male organ of copulation that in male mammals including humans usually functions as the channel by which urine leaves the body
by MaNiAc MiKe April 10, 2003
What a person, who will remain unnamed *Cough*BART*Cough*, does not own. Also can be used to describe the shape of Pyrate's nose. May be used as an insult IF it is used in the way it is used in the description.
Wow your "Penis" is just like Bart's!
by Hazey_Morning March 24, 2003
The large muscle extending from the crouch
My penis, is much larger than yo- oh....
by peak987 October 13, 2011
the male sex organ, has a shit life getting battered. please help urs by cutting it off and giving it to the Willy wonka factory, he will appreciate it.
Boy: ahahaahah mmmmm jizz better wipe that up. (wipes up) arggh my penis is eating my bum flufff - daim
by Rodger graham - December 09, 2010
people eating niggers in side
dude there is penis going on in there, you can't go in
by yriwmvbfjd October 03, 2010
Why the fuck are you looking up "penis" on the urban dictionary?! Are you the biggest kitten killer in the world?

Ok, fine, the definition. A penis is a dick. A dick is the male thing that pisses and penetrates the vagina, and faps.
Pervert: Guess what i did last night?
Friend: Shutup! We all know you fapped your penis!!
by antikittenkiller March 18, 2008
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