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a magical wand used for pleasurable acts as well as a defence mechanism. Where there is penis, there will be Smokey and Frootloop.
She felt the warm presence of me penis

I managed to fend those negros off at the last second by using my penis
by Smokeeee August 29, 2006
1. A mans dick.
2. Wang
1. Tony stuck his 18 inch penis into my tit last night!
by seeme March 02, 2006
Male reproductive organ. Average Size is 6.16 inches in white College Male.
Dont feel bad bout your four inch penis, you're almost average!
by homeruncarl February 05, 2006
The most overstated organ in the history of the human species.
Men think the rest of the world cares about their penis.
by Jammoe February 01, 2006
the male organ that is placed on your face.
" look at that guy, he has a penis on his face. "
by Luluu December 16, 2005
Penis: to sneeze violently

Peni: Multiple cases of a penis
"Man that was one big penis"
by Decaying_one November 25, 2005
A shaft which is connected to most males that is used to persuade women into pro-choice.
I dissagree against abortion but not if you use your PENIS on me!
by PinSeekr October 16, 2005