the male reproductive organ; mantool; willy; wanker; wang
Hey man, your penis is erect. Do you need some "alone time".

Oh yes! Oh yeah! You penis is so large!

Penis' are good with mustard and onions.
by jesus christ November 06, 2002
The large muscle extending from the crouch
My penis, is much larger than yo- oh....
by peak987 October 13, 2011
something justin beiber doesn't have.
Justin beiber doesn't have a penis
by I love vagina in my mouth September 09, 2011
people eating niggers in side
dude there is penis going on in there, you can't go in
by yriwmvbfjd October 03, 2010
the penis is often used for pleasure of the sex mate.(hopefully a girl). The penis iis not always used for sexual intercourse. It can also be rubbed or stroked for a certain period of time and then it will shoot white stuff known as cum, jizz, or jizzy fizz. The female can also rub it for you to make it come even faster. The penis can basically be shoved in any hole of the female or male body. Most men enjoy the blow job or the vagina sex. You can also do some anal which i assure you will not get the female pregnant.
I shoved my 12 inch penis up my girlfriends vagina and got her pregnant.

I put the condom on my penis

My sister rapidly stroked my penis
by chad282828 March 21, 2007
the greatest thing to ever exsist you can do so much with one and it feels so good! everyone should have one or at least own a gy with a big one!
wow look at that penis he must be half black or italian!
by me jeni July 10, 2006
Man's ... no. Girl's best friend!
Random d00d: Hey "junior". Wanna go for a ride?
Not-so-random penis: Sure thing m8.
Random Chick: Count me in!
Random d00d: Wohooooo! High five!
Not-so-random penis: Right on! "slap"!
by Rody+sexy=body June 23, 2006

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