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not a vagina
Looks its batman no its a penis!!
by OmgitspenisNOitsaVAGINA May 20, 2010
plural form for 'penis'
There is an abundance of peni in the locker room.
by PENIIIIII May 16, 2010
peni a noun meaning small penis
he has a peni.
by secret809 February 08, 2010
Where a man has two penises not connected together but branch off of the balls.
Did you hear rick has peni!?!? Talk about double sex
by penigirl456 May 10, 2009
The plural form of penises. Usually used during a three(or more)some.
Omg look at all this peni! Cum inside me.
by Georgie-Worgie June 07, 2007
Pronunciation: pee-nis
Part of speech: noun
Def: External part of the male genitalia; reproductive part of a male's body; shape of a cylinder with a head; sometimes circumsised; come in all sizes; much fun to play with
Gosh...don't you just really want a penis once in a while?
by Pearls July 02, 2006
Ah, what can be said about the wonder that is the penis? The maker of sweet juices and bringer of ecstatic pleasure? Basically it's God's gift to (wo)mankind that ought to be properly worshipped by all-men, women, and non-gender specific beings (such as protists) alike.

There is no greater pleasure than being allowed permission to bow down before a deliciously juicy and yet uncannily manly Penis for hours on end, it's second only to being the master of one.
by Alysa May 11, 2006