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Females have a vagina, males have a penis

You can tell male and female apart with the genital area. A penis is the long thing with the balls dangling next to them it gets hard when sexually aroused, this is called an erection; also known as a boner, hard on, stiffy or whatever else you want to call it. The balls fill with sperm constantly and when a male is aroused he will play with the 'penis' if nobody else will.. and eventually the sperm will pour out of his penis while the male has an orgasm. A penis can come in all different shapes and sizes, if you see a big one don't lose it, if you see a small one laugh as hard as you can.
During sexual intercourse (sexual intercourse is when a males penis enters a woman vagina, it feels good and remember to only do it with somebody you love and somebody you trust. Sex isn't just for fun it's something couples do when in love ya know. Sex is also how you make babies.) with a woman (if your not using protection) the sperm travels out of the penis into the womans vagina and the womans body basically does the rest of the work until 9 months later the baby is born which is naturally pushed out of the vagina, but don't be fooled you don't get pregnant every time you have unprotected sex which is why people 'try for a baby' they have unprotected sex until the woman is pregnant. Anyway I was talking about a penis not a pregnant woman. Good bye
Girl 1: my boyfriends penis is so big! Never fails to comfort me ;)
Girl 2: yeah I know, had it last night

Girl 1: you slut!
by smellybumcrack May 29, 2014
Tool used to push into V, anis, or it can be sucked on
I pushed my penis up her vagina so hard
by Zachbrozoski May 19, 2014
A pillar of veins, cloaked in skin.
Look at my meat sword/penis/death sparkle.
by AliceInWonderland666 March 13, 2014
Something daniel has, but in a small size.
Daniel must be a sad man. penissss
by blackforwin February 26, 2014
something that if its too small, it will be rejected by a female.
did you hear about josh, he has a small penis, im breaking up with him
by xTJxFTWx August 05, 2011
More than one Penis. Multiple penis'.
Group of Peni. Flock of peni. I like peni.
by peniman July 15, 2011
It has a mind of it's own and a conscience to top it.
Dude, I can't believe I did that..with my penis
by jddbjdd September 06, 2010