(Noun) a worm like structure located on a man who has a neighbor named asshole, hair that will never go away, a family of nuts, and a best friend named pussy
A penis loves his best friend! Sometimes the family comes to.
by Ozzykid February 22, 2009
A word used to collectivize a number of multiple penis's. Usually used in reference to two or more of a male's appendage.
Jess encountered 9 peni while performing the Spastic Eagle at Fairbridge
by McNever September 29, 2008
any florida driver being an asshole on the road; multiple penises
"Ah man, this guys being a real peni."
by Fionace Beasley August 25, 2008
Penis in he plural form. PEE-NYE.
The woman sucked 4 Peni
by PEENYE March 20, 2008
1. A vital part of a man's physique which he hopes is very large.

2. The cause of a man to buy a large truck for compensation

3. Something women love, but never respect

4. Part of the male brain that often get's a man into trouble.

1. I have a big penis
2. Look how big my truck is ((god I hope she doesn't see my penis))
3. Oh, that was great sex, but, you call THAT a penis?
4. Don't always think with your penis
by Josh Selvidge February 03, 2007
The plural of penis. By extension, the plural of walrus is walri.
You are more likely to encounter peni than walri.
Walri peni are actual bones.
by Pagan Marbury July 19, 2006
Ah, what can be said about the wonder that is the penis? The maker of sweet juices and bringer of ecstatic pleasure? Basically it's God's gift to (wo)mankind that ought to be properly worshipped by all-men, women, and non-gender specific beings (such as protists) alike.

There is no greater pleasure than being allowed permission to bow down before a deliciously juicy and yet uncannily manly Penis for hours on end, it's second only to being the master of one.
by Alysa May 11, 2006

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