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The plural of penis. By extension, the plural of walrus is walri.
You are more likely to encounter peni than walri.
Walri peni are actual bones.
by Pagan Marbury July 19, 2006
6 4
multiple weenies
I love peni
by austin November 14, 2003
22 20
The male reproductive organ. Its usually gets long and hard when sexually aroused, and the bigger the better.
I rode my boyfriend's huge penis all night long.
by katie May 19, 2003
55 53
A pillar of veins, cloaked in skin.
Look at my meat sword/penis/death sparkle.
by AliceInWonderland666 March 13, 2014
1 0
an anagram for "spine"
"Hey, I never realized that "penis" was really just an anagram for "spine"
by anagram_finder February 04, 2014
2 1
The plural of penis.
The lady loved touching elephant peni.
by The_anonymous January 03, 2014
3 2
An often bad smelling squid-like appendage suspended between the legs of the male gender.
My small penis makes me insecure.
by wasaliou November 28, 2012
5 4