1) A man's pride.
2) A woman's husband's pride
3) Your dad's pride
4) Your son's pride
5) Your neighbor's pride
6) Your uncle's pride
7) Your granddad's pride
8) Your grandson's pride
9) Your pride
Father- 'Son, I have never been so proud of you.'
Son- 'Are you more proud of me than your penis?'
by maniac94 August 07, 2011
Something to look up on Urban Dictionary when you have nothing better to do...
I'm bored so I'm going to look up penis on urban dictionary
by fbgnnnnjhhfjgfjkkfhdgjklhfgljk December 09, 2011
what kind of a moron needs the definition of "penis?"
you gotta be fucking kidding me. looking up "penis" in the urban dictionary? get the hell out before i turn off the internet.
by un-dumbassify yourself, please January 03, 2010
A brutal south california white power gang. PEN1 or PENI is an abbreviation of 'Public Enemy Number One'.
The recent rise in meth trafficking is credited to Peni
by merkinbjerkin May 02, 2007
The first weapon a boy is born with. Used for a "cock slap".
I whipped out my penis and cocked slapped that tree
by Nigga Jew January 30, 2007
wen theres a whole lotta wangs about
look! im surrounded by a bunch of peni
by Anonymous August 05, 2003
a really, really small penis. so small it isn't allowed the s on the end.
John has got such a small peni, it looks like a baby squirrel!
by lemonboy October 02, 2006
A long, thick one foot long object that sticks out where your two legs meet. There four parts of your penis:

1. The Shaft- this is the long cylindrical part which carries in length. For me it is 18 inches (1+1/2 feet). For average people ... It's about 3-4 inches. Anything less is pathetic and you should see a doctor if you have gone through puberty.

2. "The foreskin"- on your penis this is the area on the end of your "shaft" -assuming you have one- where all the skin wrinkles up into little slabs. This should be located at the end of your "Shaft" and right before the edge of "The Glans"

3. "The Glans"- this is the part touching the "Foreskin" of your penis. The "Glans" is the beginning and middle of the tip of your penis. It is like the shape of a cone, which is like a triangular pyramid just with a circular base. This is connect to the end of your shaft. Our last part is the tip of penis where all of your urine comes out. This is called...

4. "The Meatus"- this is where you pee comes out. If you are looking at your penis now then yes it is the little whole. Also if you are looking and PLAYING with your "Meatus" stop because it is very delicate and that could cause you to get prostate cancer which may require for you to have your penis get chopped off.

If you would like to get to know your testicles read on: Your testicles are not necessarily part of your penis because they are held by your "Scrotum"

I hope this disturbing enough for you to "like it"!
by Dr. Anonymous10000 January 08, 2014
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