1) A man's pride.
2) A woman's husband's pride
3) Your dad's pride
4) Your son's pride
5) Your neighbor's pride
6) Your uncle's pride
7) Your granddad's pride
8) Your grandson's pride
9) Your pride
Father- 'Son, I have never been so proud of you.'
Son- 'Are you more proud of me than your penis?'
by maniac94 August 07, 2011
purple headed yogart flinger
by Rob August 04, 2003
a kid called staurt
hey, staurt is a total penis
by gary July 04, 2003
Joe M's huge cock.
Joe m has a huge cock!
by ajson May 28, 2003
a body part used to make babies.
OMFG his penis is so BIG
by ihaveasmallpenis March 22, 2009
1.Could possibly be used as a kick stand when hard
2.My boyfriend has a big one
3.Most girls like them
4.Make a good glue dispenser
5.Solve world hunger
6.Make girls horny
8.Another word for it, Dick
9.Wee Wee
10.Butt Plugger
That boi's got a weee penis
by Zombehs August 31, 2006
Best friends who are named Alison and Cassie
look there is an incoming penis
by samantha April 04, 2005
fuck me chase fuck me!!!!! stick ur enormous cock in my pussy!!! oooOOOOO it feels soooo fucking good!!!! go harder and faster!!!! faster!!!!!!! ooOOOooOOOOO dont stop!!!! ride me ooo ride me!!! im moaning like never before!!!!!! ooo shit!! fuck me harder!!!!!!!
an invitation for chase to come fuck me
by bryn December 20, 2003

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