1) A man's pride.
2) A woman's husband's pride
3) Your dad's pride
4) Your son's pride
5) Your neighbor's pride
6) Your uncle's pride
7) Your granddad's pride
8) Your grandson's pride
9) Your pride
Father- 'Son, I have never been so proud of you.'
Son- 'Are you more proud of me than your penis?'
by maniac94 August 07, 2011
a kid called staurt
hey, staurt is a total penis
by gary July 04, 2003
a large parasitic worm living off 50% of what would be an all-female population.
Men are just ugly women with penises.
by looopyylydia August 12, 2005
1. A desire of mine to have.
2. Easily purchased in a variety of colors and sizes.
3. Comes with a pulse and without.
I wish I had a penis for 24 house. I would show man a thing or two.
by Jennifer Hinds June 20, 2005
Penis - Slang for Ice. From icechewing.com
I love chewing on penis, Taco Bell has the best penis
by Exodus88 March 27, 2005
An object on a male body, which I put in my mouth.
If I had a penis I'd fuck myself and then fuck you.
by Spanky March 04, 2005
The only part of a man's that CANNOT be small in order to get a woman.
Woman: You may be in shape, but if your dick is too small, no love for you!
by Ash-ho February 07, 2005
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