The most important and playful of all the body parts.
My penis is a zillion times bigger than your penis!
by spike February 06, 2004
The only part of a man's that CANNOT be small in order to get a woman.
Woman: You may be in shape, but if your dick is too small, no love for you!
by Ash-ho February 07, 2005
A hard, round, strong and smooth organ that burst in your mouth @ jus' tha right momment.
J's penis jus' exploded in Alicia's mouth and got all over her shirt.
by DatBytchUWant~~Lala September 01, 2004
1. The male reproductive/sexual organ that is meant to be inserted into the female reproductive/sexual organ during a marriage between the two performing the act called sexual intercourse, which was created for pleasure and procreation. Pleasure is possible when the nerve in the penis is touched, which sends a very positive and pleasurable signal to the brain. The nerve can be touched in masturbation or sexual intercourse. Undergoes erection, allowing for sexual intercourse, when exposed to the promise of sex, (sadly) masturbation, or explicit pictures or happenings. Will excrete sperm when used in sexual intercourse, and will urinate when excessive fluids are consumed or when the liver needs to rid the body of harmful liquids.

Not at all meant to be used to masturbate, but is nonetheless done so anyway.

2. A term used excessively and inappropriately on this website, particularly this definition.
Penis is a term which many people feel uncomfortable speeking of because it is used so inappropriately.
by Phrigajiblenoghip May 22, 2004
a asshole or a man who is a dick.
That guy is such a penis brain!
by Stacy February 21, 2004
the reason men go to war. they fight over whos dick is bigger. no duh nuclear weapons are shaped like em
ur mama has one
by hannah January 17, 2004
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural pe·nes /'pE-(")nEz/; or pe·nis·es
Etymology: Latin, penis, tail; akin to Old High German faselt penis, Greek peos
Date: 1676
: a male organ of copulation that in male mammals including humans usually functions as the channel by which urine leaves the body
I like to suck penis. Cock. What stenzler has in his juicy white ass.
by Jack Byers January 12, 2004
A body part where females give pleasure to.
boy:"suck my 'penis' bitch"..
girl:"okay sir"
by mothereffer October 10, 2003

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