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Penis resort 1. is a means of resolving issues/problems that occurred beteween opposite sexes by having sex with that person.

2. refers to using sex as a means of re-starting stalled conversation.

3. refers to resuming normal relationship (after having sex) without discussing the underlying issues which caused lack of communication or misunderstandign in the first place.
Your Friend: "How is it going with your girl-friend? I haven't seen you guys together for the last few days?"
You: "All of a sudden she was upset for reasons unknown to me. And she is not talking to me."

Your friend: "Then what are you going to do about it?"
You: " I tried all I can to get her attention except for penis resort."
The next day:
Your Friend: "Did you talk to her?"
You: "Thanks to penis resort, things are back to normal."
Your Friend: "That is wonderful."
You: "Penis resort is a great normalizer, a silent peace maker."
by Fankfrank April 11, 2013