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An aggressive, rude and curt woman who seems very man-like and often picks on women who are more feminine or soft spoken (and sometimes smaller than her). usually seen walking around in long strides, dressed in 3 piece suits. (Not to be mistaken with a bitch who can often be quite feminine)
That penis woman! She screamed at me to get of the way, spat on my Jimmy choos, mocked my fabulous poncho and stole my cab! I'm going for a facial.
by Hukra February 21, 2009
Irish super hero who has a sword shaped like a penis, the sword shoots acid semen powerful enough to melt human skin. Penis woman is a transvestite who's main goal is to stab sluts with her sword. Sluts are commonly stabbed in the anus but occasionally can be stabbed in the stomach. Penis woman's mission on earth is to exterminate all sluts. Aggravate penis woman and she will stab you in the anus.
Slut 1: I saw penis woman today and ran like a crazy person!
Slut 2: yeah wouldn't wanna get coughs by her!
by Thepoweradeenthusiast May 17, 2014
A guy or a girl who cannot seem to get the sand out of their vagina. A dumb bitch.
Damn, I hate that peniswoman.

If only I were a penisman...then I would punish that peniswoman
by Tha Cannon February 19, 2010
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