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Penis Ninja is the Ninja of the peen and is sometimes used to insult someone but mostly used as a reference for an awesome event that has happened.

It is also used as a random ninja attack phrase when trying to scare someone or when trying to invoke the spirit of the Penis Ninja"
"Hey did you hear Justin Bieber's new single"
"Justin Bieber's sucks ninja peen"

"Hey did you take my last Kit-Kat?"
"Yes, why?"
"In the dark of the night I'm going to send the Penis Ninja after you to kick your ass!"

by Serpi March 31, 2010

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A person sent in deliberately to have sex with someone's girlfriend with the intention of her significant other catching them in the act so he breaks up with her.
Jeff: "Dude, Seth's old lady is such a bitch!"
Steve: "Send in the penis ninjas..."
by TK37246 February 12, 2014