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A bundle of penises. They are grouped and tied together for easier sale of many penises. Found often in the paintings of Jon van Eyke and Jackson Pollack.
A:Would you like to pick up that penis faggot, Jim?
B: What? This bundle of dicks! Ok.
by Mr. Pieter Bruegel December 14, 2009
Suitable substitute for an insult of your choice. Best shouted at the top of your lungs for maximum effect. See also: penis and faggot. Makes for fun times in combination with the penis game.
A: dude, what the fuck was that for?
B: for being a beaner. PENISFAGGOT!!


A: penis.
etc etc.
by THE RECESSION April 27, 2009
Someone who is just annoying, and overall useless. A synonym to: douchebag, tool, asshat etc.
Dude, Kevin is such a penis faggot.
by Aidan P June 18, 2008

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