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A bundle of penises. They are grouped and tied together for easier sale of many penises. Found often in the paintings of Jon van Eyke and Jackson Pollack.
A:Would you like to pick up that penis faggot, Jim?
B: What? This bundle of dicks! Ok.
by Mr. Pieter Bruegel December 14, 2009
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Suitable substitute for an insult of your choice. Best shouted at the top of your lungs for maximum effect. See also: penis and faggot. Makes for fun times in combination with the penis game.
A: dude, what the fuck was that for?
B: for being a beaner. PENISFAGGOT!!


A: penis.
etc etc.
by THE RECESSION April 27, 2009
Someone who is just annoying, and overall useless. A synonym to: douchebag, tool, asshat etc.
Dude, Kevin is such a penis faggot.
by Aidan P June 18, 2008

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