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Welcome to the sheltered Catholic High School smack in the middle of Newport News, where everyone's opinions are right and yours are wrong. Welcome to the school where the majority of the population are swagfags, and like to pretend they ball hard when in fact, everyone is upper middle class with no struggles at all, and most people drive a BMW or something equivalent. Welcome to the school where most of the faculty and staff are useless and the ones that actually are good only tend to stick around for 1 to 2 years, and do nothing to try and help you succeed in life later on. The Athletic Program is a joke, funding most of its money into the Athletic Director's paychecks who does absolutely nothing except piss parents off because of his recluse-like behavior and has no people skills at all. He hates everything that is successful except girls volleyball (and we all wonder why). Welcome to the school where the trainer, even if something is wrong with your arm, he will find a way to blame it on your lower body if you catch my drift. Welcome to the school where all the girls and most of the guys too, like to start random drama and spread it around the school, even if it is something completely made up and a lie. Most of the people that go here, go here because they would get the shit beaten out of them if they went anywhere else. If you do something, everyone will know about it in the next day. Welcome to the school that is literally Hitler.
I want to enroll my son/daughter in Peninsula Catholic High School!

Don't do that, there are much better options.
by Tragic Dreams July 30, 2013

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