Name for a ice cream or ice block
1. Can you get me a penguin out of the freezer
2. Yum that was a good penguin
by IBNXTC March 22, 2010
an unmarried dead-beat mom who leaves her kids with the dad so she can go take care of herself. Meanwhile she is tramping around and neglecting her children and has left them and their father for dead. Origin derived from the trait the female emporor penguin who abandons the father with the infant penguin for him to care for. That symilar to deadbeat mom, whore, abandoner, neglectful- woman, selfish, skanky, black widow, pigeon
That penguin took off and left me with the kids and now she has a new car and a new apartment with my money. She is a dirty bird!
by go.green7 December 01, 2009
in the United Kindgom, a 1990's strain of LSD. The motif used was that of the classic 'penguin books' logo
i'll do you three penguins for a tenner
by Emperor Xist February 01, 2006
1)A black&white bird that can`t fly cause` its overwieght and fluffy. Usually found in cold areas of the world.
2)A "pet name" for couples to show that they will be together forever(doubt that.)
Boy:"Did you know that when a Penguin has found it's mate, they stay together for the rest of their lives?"
Girl:"awww.. sniff* will you be my penguin?<3"

OMG! Mom! look at that fat ass Penguin eating the fishes!!
by yadididigajig December 27, 2005
penguins do have knees
penguins may waddle but they have knees
by lauren e February 19, 2005
That short fat guy who gets all the chicks.
Man, I can't compete. There's gonna be PENGUINS there!
by Boob Titson June 30, 2003
- A penguin.
- a person of high caliber.
- being of high caliber.
- That black and white thing with a beak is a penguin.
- He was a penguin to do that for you.
- Man, that was so penguin.
by wisebutweary June 21, 2003

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