an unmarried dead-beat mom who leaves her kids with the dad so she can go take care of herself. Meanwhile she is tramping around and neglecting her children and has left them and their father for dead. Origin derived from the trait the female emporor penguin who abandons the father with the infant penguin for him to care for. That symilar to deadbeat mom, whore, abandoner, neglectful- woman, selfish, skanky, black widow, pigeon
That penguin took off and left me with the kids and now she has a new car and a new apartment with my money. She is a dirty bird!
by go.green7 December 01, 2009
a short guy that has a fat round stomach and walks with his back arched.
My brother in law looks like a penguin especially when he is wearing his wife beater undershirt.
by jp1 November 27, 2006
basically the all around best and most diabolical animal ever. who in general loves my chemical romance and gives them style advice based on there own wardrobe. they are the original black parade and gerard loves to pet the penguiness of its cute little furry fur that makes him wish he was a penguin.
Gerard: So what are we gonna do today my sexy penguin lady
Penguin: the same thing we do every day...try and take over the world.


Gerard: oooh can we do something diabolical today pleeeaaasee
Penguin: no not until you finish your tap dancing lessons. remember we all have to have happy feet.
by Panic! the penguins are coming November 26, 2006
a person who always tells the truth an is cute as fuck.
this guy demi, he is a penguin.
by ibro November 13, 2006
(Male) member of a symphony orchestra, so called because of their black and white garb and tendency to be seen in large groups close together.
Some also make distinctive honking noises.
No.5 dressing room is for luvvies, No.6 is for penguins.
by Silverfin August 21, 2006
1. the thing that is always following me.
2. what lovers call eachother
2."Oh GOD Henry! You horny Penguin! gimme some NOW!
by cath January 14, 2004
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