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penguin babies are cute-ass fluffy things that eat adult penguin puke. Love them!

Note: this definition is on crack
Him: a look, did you know penguins eats their mama's puke when they're a baby?

Her: No, I didn't. What a suprise. Let's try that one day.
by Kerry (the Kiwi) December 10, 2006
5 6
1. the thing that is always following me.
2. what lovers call eachother
2."Oh GOD Henry! You horny Penguin! gimme some NOW!
by cath January 14, 2004
9 10
An interesting, cool, usually female person. They're sweet and fun to be around. Everyone loves a penguin!
Maria: Hey shall we invite Jilly to our party friday night?

Jorge: Yeah she's great, she's such a penguin!
by Palacio Richards May 30, 2011
0 2
Partner for life; a soulmate. Comes from the fact that once a penguin chooses a mate, they stay together for life.
"Will you be my penguin?"
by ImperfectAngel April 06, 2008
5 7
A person who thinks in black and white terms and won't associate with people outside of his group.
Billy is such a penguin because he avoids people who don't share his values.
by MS31 September 28, 2007
5 7
The awesomeest animal still living until today;
Has black and white coloring
Has a beak
Is awesome
and coolio
and just chillin <33
Butters, the penguin, is just chillin in his tuxedo coloring.
by KennieGrl April 08, 2007
8 10
evil bird's that are amassing a huge army off the coast of antarctica secretly. formly know as THE MINION CAPTAINS DUN DUN DUN!!!! and where evil war hats of doom dot dot dot .
they will kill u all and rule the world with there little feather thingys
by chuck September 15, 2003
17 19