Someone from Mexico, Latin America, or South America, that is half white and half black (much like the bird) that is really good at swimming to the United States to steal jobs from its citizens.
Construction use to be a good paying job until all the penguins swam to the area and started working for half the wage.
by guru on a hill March 20, 2013
VERY VERY TREMENDOUSLY artractive person. Applies to all genders. May be used as a codename. Uses vary within different parties
HOLY HELL! Look at that sexy penguin yonder!
by WELOVEHOTMEN December 04, 2011
1) A black and white bird that can't fly.

2) A gorgeous guy that has amazing hair, wears skinny jeans, loves screamo, is fluffy, and has an obsession with pop tarts.
1) Oh my God! Look! It's a penguin!

2) Woah! Did you see that incredibly pretty penguin?!
by Love <333333 February 14, 2010
Ridiculously and ungodly cool; of high status due to style.
That girl Kristen is the penguinest girl in Arizona.

Be above the influence, be penguin.
by Travison June 24, 2007
penguin babies are cute-ass fluffy things that eat adult penguin puke. Love them!

Note: this definition is on crack
Him: a look, did you know penguins eats their mama's puke when they're a baby?

Her: No, I didn't. What a suprise. Let's try that one day.
by Kerry (the Kiwi) December 10, 2006
1. the thing that is always following me.
2. what lovers call eachother
2."Oh GOD Henry! You horny Penguin! gimme some NOW!
by cath January 14, 2004
An evil bird...
My cousin was killed by a "Penguin".
by Capt_Kelso May 28, 2014

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