A swift, singular, surprise thrust of one's penis that culminates in a successful penetration of another's anus.
"I thought my roommate had gone home for the weekend but quickly learned that I was wrong when I stepped out of our bathroom naked and he gave me a penguin."
by BigDickFalcon March 09, 2010
partner for life, a soulmate.
"Will you be my penguin?"
by ImperfectAngel April 02, 2008
Homie gee's that have their pants slung so ridiculously low that they have to walk like a penguin with a back and forth swaying motion.
Chris: (Pointing and laughing)
Homie gee: Yo, what you laughin' at bitch.
Chris: You.
Homie: What da hell fo'?
Chris: Since when do penguins talk?
Homie: What da hell ya talkin' 'bout?
Chris: I see intelligence is lost on you too.
Homie: What mf?
Chris: Witty comeback penguin......
Homie: What?
Chris: (Points and laughs even more)
Homie: (Waddles away in distress knowing he has just been put down, but still cannot figure out why)
by diablerist January 26, 2008
Penguins are the best out there. They are fierce ninjas and will take over the world one day with Christa as their leader! Oh and they can fly, they are just merely saving their epic abilities for when they dominate the world. Penguin Domination!!
"Hail Ninja Penguins"
by Ninja Penguin Boss February 29, 2012
Someone Who Follows Their Girlfriend Around Like A Penguin.Whupped
Ilse:Its Cute How My Boyfriend Follows Me Everywhere Its Like He's A Penguin
by iHatePhatPat June 03, 2010
A sexual act wherein a male withdraws his penis from his sexual partner shortly before ejaculation; after showering his partner or himself with his semen, he then proceeds to arrange the ejaculate into a pattern like that of a young emperor penguin. Variations of the penguin include the king penguin, in which the semen is mixed with urine to produce the yellow markings of the act's namesake, and the macaroni penguin, in which the semen is mixed with uncooked pasta.
"I got this girl's number at the club last night, and I intend to perform a hot penguin on her later this week."

"I just gave myself a penguin."
by El Penguino April 12, 2010
Partner for life; a soulmate. Comes from the fact that once a penguin chooses a mate, they stay together for life.
"Will you be my penguin?"
by ImperfectAngel April 06, 2008

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