One of the cutest birds who can't fly. They live in the Southern Hemisphere.
My penguin could play soccer and was named jermaine.He could not fly.
by JaRoDu March 20, 2007
a bird that can not fly but it can swim very well in extremely cold conditions
Batman has an enemy called Penguin.
by kwang July 18, 2003
Similar definition to 'Peng' but supposed improved by autocorrect, Means cool/hot/sexy. Can also be used ironically
Rad kicks, they're penguin mate
by tumblr_expert October 27, 2015
A swift, singular, surprise thrust of one's penis that culminates in a successful penetration of another's anus.
"I thought my roommate had gone home for the weekend but quickly learned that I was wrong when I stepped out of our bathroom naked and he gave me a penguin."
by BigDickFalcon March 09, 2010
Penguins are the best out there. They are fierce ninjas and will take over the world one day with Christa as their leader! Oh and they can fly, they are just merely saving their epic abilities for when they dominate the world. Penguin Domination!!
"Hail Ninja Penguins"
by Ninja Penguin Boss February 29, 2012
VERY VERY TREMENDOUSLY artractive person. Applies to all genders. May be used as a codename. Uses vary within different parties
HOLY HELL! Look at that sexy penguin yonder!
by WELOVEHOTMEN December 04, 2011
a really bad wingman. A wingman lacking the ability to "fly" and help out his fellow friends.

The ultimate tag of shame that can be place on any human being.
Guy 1: That girl is really hot! Plus, she is smart, funny and everything else in between. I would like to get to know her better.

Ryan: I'll help you out! I'll do whatever I can to make things work between you two.

Guy 1: Thanks Ryan. You are such a great friend. I just invited her to hang out with me tonight.

Ryan: Great. Well I'm going to invite her to do something completely different, and see if she chooses hanging out with you or me.

Guy 1: What the fuck! You are a goddamn penguin.
by nottheownerofelka July 04, 2011
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