A term used in the Air Force to describe an aircrew member who has never been on a flight, due to red tape or injuries.
Amn: Hey, did you ask Edens about the regs on our flight suit?
SrA: Why the hell would he know, he's a fucking penguin.
by Cryptotibbs October 22, 2009
Somebody who is so sexually innocent that even the most obviously perverted jokes and sexiest women cannot affect them. Usually only applies to teenagers, children do not count as penguins.

Penguins can also be people who simply do not think of sexual thoughts, they do not notice scantily clad classmates or get aroused often, if ever.
"Steve is such a penguin, he didn't even notice when Marissa bent over right in front of his face."

"You're such a penguin! Don't you ever think about the ladies?"
by SexyWolf69 June 04, 2012
A person who must always be with someone. One who mates for life.
Guy 1:That girl is ALWAYS dating someone
Guy 2: Yeah, she's such a penguin.
by theonewhocreatedpenguin September 25, 2011
A slightly overused head dress that women use to make men into empowered woman dinosaur rights activists with a slight fetish for ice cream sculptures
Those penguins sure know how to eat cheese
by nutsnutsnuts June 13, 2010
A girl so whipped that she will go long distances just to satisfy your needs, no matter what the needs are.

To guys, this term is used belittle the girl.
For girls, this term simply shows their love for their partner.
Friend 1: "Yo man, I totally got my girl to come from Town A, 50 kilometres away, to here to make me a sandwich.
Friend 2: "Dude, you snagged yourself a penguin."

Girl 2: "Did you actually go all the way to Town B just to make your man a sandwich?"
Girl 1: "Yeah, I'm his penguin."
by Super Smart Male June 12, 2010
Homie gee's that have their pants slung so ridiculously low that they have to walk like a penguin with a back and forth swaying motion.
Chris: (Pointing and laughing)
Homie gee: Yo, what you laughin' at bitch.
Chris: You.
Homie: What da hell fo'?
Chris: Since when do penguins talk?
Homie: What da hell ya talkin' 'bout?
Chris: I see intelligence is lost on you too.
Homie: What mf?
Chris: Witty comeback penguin......
Homie: What?
Chris: (Points and laughs even more)
Homie: (Waddles away in distress knowing he has just been put down, but still cannot figure out why)
by diablerist January 26, 2008
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