Penguins may look cute and cuddly, but they are going to take over the world and the Gnomes are going to help them.
Stock up on the anti penguin guns because they're loose and looking for world domination!
by TheDeadDuck October 02, 2007
1. another sexy animal although populating this world may also be found in mine and others imaginations romping with the snufallofaguses.
1. My snufallofagus is playing with my penguin.
by super k March 03, 2007
a member of the group of "birds" known as penguins. in reality they are an evil race of aliens who have been in hiding but will soon rise up and enslave or kill all humans.
Holy shit! That penguin just killed Dave! They're attacking!
by TheMute1 October 26, 2004
A flightful animal that has the power to either destroy or bring peace to the world...
Don't mess with the penguins.
by MikeYL November 04, 2007
adj. something that is both awesome and completely off-subject. A brilliant way to replace "random" which has lost all meaning and descended into becoming a faux-pas to many people.
Person 1)"Pancakes are fun"
Person 2)"I love!"
Person 1)"That is so penguins."
by Zanda Panda August 28, 2008
(1) (noun) The next sentient species of planet Earth. After the extinction of the human race, along with 99.99% of the world's ecology, due to human apathy/ignorance/stupidity.

(2) (noun) A tasty substitute for chicken meat.

(3) (verb) To pull down a person's pants and/or underwear to their ankles, usually as a prank, causing them to walk like a penguin.

(4) (verb) To walk like a penguin, often with an article of clothing loosely binding one's ankles.
(1)"The early cave paintings of prehistoric penguins shows signs of creativity, expressed by the use of flipper prints as a crude type of the artist's signature." - Hatchling's First Big Book of Science

(2) After the storm prevented any form of resupply, the Antartic research team ate all the research penguins.

(3) She remembered the John Smith from a few months ago. He stiffed her payment then, so she would penguin him later.

(4) John Smith penguined out the door, chasing after her, while shouting obsceneties.
by That's Mr. Penguin to You February 20, 2005
i.e. feeling penguin
The desire to waddle around, flapping occasionally and sliding on your stomach. Multiple people feeling 'penguin' in the same area have the tendency to huddle.
Person 1: I'm feeling so penguin today
Person 2: Me too! Let's huddle!
by Midnight Storm October 24, 2012
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