The only species to survive the next ice age. They caught Harrison Ford with his pants around his ankles and sent him back in time. Now they're making him build gigantic ice machines that drop gigantic ice cubes into the sea until the world freezes over.
Penguins may look innocent and non-threatening, even cute, but they cannot be trusted!
by Bubba Zanetti April 24, 2005
After a man climaxes in a woman's anus, the cheek clinching waddle she makes on her way to the toilet to avoid spilling on the new carpet.
"I'm getting rid of my hardwood floors strictly for the penguin encounters"
by bobsurf April 18, 2008
The all time greatest NHL team that plays in Pittsburgh. Mario Lemieux is the captain, owns, and plays for the Pens.
Two time, back to back Stanley Cup champions in 1991 & 1992.
by CJ Henry April 01, 2004
a person's soulmate; penguins mate for life.
Justin is my penguin!
by Goldielockslizzy July 10, 2008
(n.)small aquatic bird that I want as a pet to swim through my foyer once I own a gigantic manshion;
"Don't mind the penguin. He's just for show."
by Chubbs April 30, 2004
Partner for life; a soulmate. Comes from the fact that once a penguin chooses a mate, they stay together for life.
"Will you be my penguin?"
by ImperfectAngel April 03, 2008
The most powerfull and potent creature on the face of the Earth. Bent on controlling the worlds major vacum factories....... they want the world too... And the cheese-flavoured fish.
seal: that penguin just schooled me!
how many penguins does it take to destroy all humans? One, cuz they can rock anyone's socks.

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