The only animal that I would concider fucking
Dude, if I were a penguin I would so fuck another penguin
by Kinket June 26, 2005
slang. used to describe someone who is of mixed race, specifically black and white.
-after seeing a white girl w/ an afro-
WTF is that? Got be a penguin yo.
by TAPPER January 16, 2005
Penguin, this is a word used in one of two ways 1) if someone copies someone and 2) if someone says a bad joke
for 1) "Dont copy me you penquin!)
2) "a horse walks into a bar and the barman says why the long face"
"omg that is the worst penguin joke ever"
by Alex September 29, 2004
a very unique flightless(?) bird that lives mainly in the poles, but also in the galapagos. they like to eat fish. penguins are renowned for being adorable.

penguins make bizaare sounds. imagine a kazoo - thats the closest thing to it.

tux, a goofy looking penguin, is the linux mascot. usually different distros of linux have their own modified picture of tux.
tux is a penguin
by unusu-al June 14, 2004
The most amazing bird of prey known to man.
"one by one the penguins steal my sanity" - some sitcker, and shirt. I beleive it generated from the movie fight club, when the penguins take blocks of ice, and walk away with them.
by Scott " the yellow dart " Hoey December 02, 2003
1. A small, fat, flightless bird, commonly known to live in the Antarctic.
2. The mascot of all Linux Distros. Also known as Tux. This was chosen mascot, because while on a trip to a zoo, Linus Torvalds was bitten by a penguin, and he then attributed this to how Linux behaves at times, and hence, it stuck.
That penguin is black and white!
W00t! You know the penguin r0x0r2!
by shinji-kun January 03, 2004
Ancient Mountainian insult.
by MT. Emperor God Penguin September 01, 2003

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