The best animals, EVAR!
If I could, I would soo have a pet penguin.
by whats it to ya? June 13, 2008
The only animal that I would concider fucking
Dude, if I were a penguin I would so fuck another penguin
by Kinket June 26, 2005
slang. used to describe someone who is of mixed race, specifically black and white.
-after seeing a white girl w/ an afro-
WTF is that? Got be a penguin yo.
by TAPPER January 16, 2005
Penguin, this is a word used in one of two ways 1) if someone copies someone and 2) if someone says a bad joke
for 1) "Dont copy me you penquin!)
2) "a horse walks into a bar and the barman says why the long face"
"omg that is the worst penguin joke ever"
by Alex September 29, 2004
Penguins may look cute and cuddly, but they are going to take over the world and the Gnomes are going to help them.
Stock up on the anti penguin guns because they're loose and looking for world domination!
by A Dead Duck And Two Eggs February 03, 2007
A evil Artic creature that eats little children and then throws them up and eats them again and laughs. Also are flightless like the man-eating peigons in New York. And sadly cannot swim but has laser eyes. Likes to take long walks on the beach with different hoes each day. Most pimpin bird/carnivore ever.
Flightless penguin, eats children and all small animals, like man-eating peigons
by Sexy Cracker October 30, 2006
it's when you drop a deuce then realize you're out of toilet paper. you can't put your pants back on 'cuz you'll ruin your shorts. so, you leave 'em at your ankles and do the penguin around the house until you find something you can wipe your ass with.
why do a penguin when you can just use your socks?
by tbones March 21, 2006

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