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This is the formation of both male and female genitalia
shut the fuck up you pengina face!
by da master September 22, 2007
8 12
Pengina is the part of the body of someone who has both penis and vagina which when put together make a "Pengina"
Stfu u stupid pengina lover!
by Thomas June 14, 2006
37 26
It means when a woman looks like a man .

like a hermaphrodite. Putting together Penis & Vagina
spells out "Pengina"
" Lady Gaga has a penis and a vagina?"

" Yah she does she has a Pengina"
by Freak102 March 27, 2010
14 5
A cross between a penis and a vagina. Sadly, the sighting of a penginas has never been recorded in medical history, but if one was spotted, this is what it would be called.
"That's no ordinary large clitoris, that's a penginas."
by Boycy September 29, 2004
12 3
When it is sooo cold that a penis inverts to become a small vagina,
It's sooo cold here i have a Pengina.
by C PORTZ April 18, 2011
4 2
A penis/vagina, a normal penis but with a vagina like slit and one un-descend testicle. Commonly found on germans.
My Pengina hurts...
by JHensel May 30, 2009
7 9
the pen that looks like a gina and dave will stik his shizzle in that nizzle anytime
gina is a vagina
matt likes tappin dat ass too
tommy is a good kid
by Tommy February 07, 2005
49 52