a disgusting french pig. who loves to eat food and is the most annoying thing on the planet. she should really go get a life and go be a bad trashy slut somewhere else. she has a disgusting puke colored phone and needs to go to jenny craig...PRONTO. has a nose for cheeses, likes to speak in a british accent but sucks at it. asked all the guys to the sadies dance but got rejected by 15. she wear extra small shirts/pants when she needs to buy XXXLLLL shirts/pants
girl: omfg she just did a "penelope-"! ewww
by veryveryveryverybestfriend February 11, 2009
Top Definition
1. One who is very smart, witty and outspoken
2. Fearless
3. Incredibly attractive
"wow, she's a penelope"
by dutch.eh May 26, 2009
Shy until you get to know her then she is CRAZZZYYY! Everyone loves her because she is sweet and is always there to help with any problems you have. She is extremely pretty and all the guys want to go out with her.
"Why is it everytime i see her she is being loud, but whenever i talk to her she is SO quiet?"

"Because her name is Penelope; once you get to know her she'll be loud around you too!"
by adhlahjfasdf April 18, 2010
The most amazing person ever. Pure beauty in it's finest essence. A Penelope is a funny, witty, super smart, awesome person. A Penelope's husband or boyfriend is the luckiest man alive.
My girlfriend is a real Penelope.
by TurtleFace357 June 23, 2016
Oakland/ Bay Area term which references the police or other law-force type officials.
Drug Addict: "If I buy 5 can you toss me a pack"

Dealer: "The block is hot!! Come back later cause I ain't servin' nothin' until the penelopes bounce up out"
by Vellschino November 05, 2007
A character off a popular skit on SNL, (Saturday Night Live.) She is the ultimate one-upper, and always strokes her hair while telling you how much better she is than you.
Girl: "I just had a baby! I'm so happy."
Penelope: "Well I just had three babies and a cat... Yeah, they're all perfect and I'm ecstatic..."
by Joel67 December 08, 2007
A female that makes herself the center of attention at any group gathering by taking what someone in the group said and applying it to herself but more exaggerated.

The male version of this would be called a "Chad".

one upper
Kristen: How was your weekend, Maya?
Maya: It was great! My boyfriend and I went skiing.
Jennifer: My boyfriend, who's a model....took me skiing for two months in the Alps last year and he's taking me to the North Pole this Christmas to meet Santa Claus.

Kristen rolling her eyes and whispering to Maya..."She is such a Penelope!"
by Todd Perkins November 12, 2007
a cruise; a blunt cruise in the country where cops usually don't go: a ride in an automobile where marijuana is smoked by the passengers
Wife: where the fuck you been?!?
Husband: nowhere, I took a penelope with Seis Fifth and them. We smoked two Paris Hiltons and a Rosie O'Donell.
by TraumaQuadrion February 24, 2009
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