spanish for dickweed
spanish insult for the words idiot or fool
looks like a pendejo to me puto
look at this shit holmes that man is such a pendejo
#pendaho #dickweed #spanish #insult #fool
by bi to the double l August 23, 2007
Can mean for Mexican an Idiot, Moron, etc... however for Caribbean Islanders it mean Coward a person que es miedoso.
Look at this pendejo he thinks he's a baller.

Por favor deje de preocuparte. Tas pendeja.
#coward #idiot #miedoso #moron #dummy
by Vic elez May 29, 2011
Idiot, stupid, ignorant, fool, foolish, moron, dip shit, imbesile, dense, uneducated, follower, fuck-head, ass-hole and everything in between but all at once.
How do you elect a pendejo like this in the White House? Clearly eveyone that voted for him is a pendejo, otherwise they wouldnt have voted for this pendejo like Barack Obama.
#idiot #dumb #ignorant #fool #obama
by jessinTx April 26, 2010
A pendejo or pendeja in Mexico simply means an idiot. A person who may cause concern to whether or not he or she (mostly she) may need mental counseling due to the uncanny mental retardation he or she may display.
Mi maestro es un pendejo. Su mejor amigo se coge a su vieja sin condon y se viene en su cara.
#idiot #dumb ass #dumb fuck #fuck tard #retard #ass 2 mouth
by amigote October 20, 2010
in Spanish, "asshole" or "jackass"
"Chupame la pija, pendejo!"


"Suck my dick, asshole."
#pendejada #pendeja #asshole #jackass #moron
by snaggles October 30, 2009
Can be a term of endearment or can also be an insult depending on who you say it to, very similar to the use of the word (nigga)...
to a friend.....What's up Pendejo, is similar to 'how are you doing'

to a stranger...What's up Pendejo, is similar to 'what's up you asshole'
by Carla December 25, 2003
a stray pubic hair found growing somewhere else on the body.
also used as an insult in spanish, calling someone a fool / idiot.
don't be a pendejo, be a man!
#pubic #hair #idiot #fool #nether region #private
by lexel April 05, 2010
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