a group of stupid, idiots, ignorant, useless people.
emos, estcounty-boys,cholos,asian thugs and blacks wana-be-gangstar are a bunch of pendejos.
by psyopus September 22, 2008
Dumbass. can be used as a term of endearment... I guess...
órale, tu pinche pendejo!! no seas mamon wey, llevatela pa' la pista a bailar!

come on f**king dumbass, don't suck dude take her to the floor to dance
by El Caguamero March 17, 2004
Spanish cuss word meaning for "asshole", "fucktard", "dumbfuck", "dumbass", or a stupid motherfucker
"Eres un pendejo"
by alxlopzrt83 June 19, 2014
spanish people use it to say ur childish or an immature jerk. but the technical definition is pubic hair
Stop being a pendejo pablo! you are already 20 years old!
by rawwr95 May 17, 2009
spanish word used in mexico & United States To insult people when they do something wrong
Mira ese Pendejo tomando,Se va ser mas Pendejo.
by latino14 May 10, 2009
A pendejo is a pubic hair.

For cuban people it is also used to describe somebody who is cowardly, ie. a pussy

Pubes are always hidden away that's where the meaning comes from, i think.
No seas tan pendejo Alex, si te gusta la muchacha ve y baila con ella!
by Marcos C. June 05, 2006
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