Spanish slang for "asshole"
Tu eres un pendejo Pedro! You are an asshole Pedro!
by Alli November 26, 2004
upon further investigation I discovered that a Pendejo is literally a single pubic hair. Used to describe someone of low value... may be used as a term of endearment amongst chums.
Yo pendejo, get off my sister.
by Alex Collados Nunez December 23, 2002
Similar to all of the rest...more like someone who is a pussy
Oye acere...ese tipo es un pendejo.

Yo brother...that dude is a pussy.
by the lemon man January 26, 2004
Pendejo means MORON in spanish
Mi ex novio es un pendejo
My ex boyfriend is a moron
by Huntress MC June 26, 2003
In New Mexican slang pendejo means cop.
pendejo factory for police station
by franz March 23, 2004

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