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Spanish slang for "asshole"
Tu eres un pendejo Pedro! You are an asshole Pedro!
by Alli November 26, 2004
1165 901
In Puertorican (slang) means "pussy,sissy,bitch,wimp"
Dile a ese pendejo que ven aca.
Tell that bitch to come here.

Tú eres tan pendejo
You such a wimp
by Yesenia February 14, 2004
24 32
slang, commonly used by Mexicans and Chicanos......asshole
Chinga tu madre pinche pocho pendeho
by J October 23, 2003
34 42
chode sucking pubic hair.

latino slang translation: short and curly.

Eg: Shee was a pendeja bitch.

Eg/Quote: "I will see you in the lane, pendejo! NOBODY fucka with the JESUS" from The Big Lebowski
by i think it's mini March 15, 2009
5 14
According to Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, it means a "dickhead"
They the spanish guys are talking and one calls carl (CJ) a Pendejo, and his siter says dickhead!! why u calling him that
by mxc luver December 09, 2004
26 38
a hispanic asshole, can be used as a term of endearment.
"Yo pendejo, nice mags."
by Alex Collados Nunez December 13, 2002
74 86
The incorrect spelling of the Spanish word Bendejo.
You stupid pendejo. This is a perfect example of how I would use it. With the exception of me spelling it right.
by Little Garris Love February 21, 2008
16 29
upon further investigation I discovered that a Pendejo is literally a single pubic hair. Used to describe someone of low value... may be used as a term of endearment amongst chums.
Yo pendejo, get off my sister.
by Alex Collados Nunez December 23, 2002
14 28