A single pubic hair, especially around the butthole.A person is refered to as such because he allows himself to be shit on.
Este tipo es un pendejo.
by Carlos Ramirez September 26, 2003
Top Definition
pendejo is a spanish slang word for idiot,stupid or dumass.
El es un pendejo.
He is a dumass.
by chebuchin June 13, 2003
Pendejo is a single pubic hair. In Mexico´s slang it is used as an insult like idiot or fool, but in Peru´s slang it used to describe a smart guy with few or no scruples.
No confies en el. Es un pendejo.
by Seppe October 29, 2003
Spanish slang for "asshole"
Tu eres un pendejo Pedro! You are an asshole Pedro!
by Alli November 26, 2004
On the west side of San Antonio, Texas, I discovered that pendejo means more than just "stupid" which is what I had been told. The conotation on the west side had more to do with being called "a fucking idiot." Naturally, this was not taken too well and required some fancy explaining to get out of. Tex-Mex slang is tricky stuff.
Hey, stop being such a pendejo.
by Mistress Chaosia October 22, 2005
Pendejo is spanish slang for asshole, Jerk etc.
ay mio, tu eres un pendejo.
oh , you're such a jerk
by La Rósa Boriqua April 22, 2003
spanish slang, with different meanings depending on the context.
Can mean asshole, or dumbass (idiot, stupid) but much less severe than english "cuss-words."
Can be a casual insult, depending on the context in which it is used.

It rumored to mean "anal hair" or "pubic hair" in a few spanish speaking cultures, however, it is not commonly used to mean that.
"Chupa me, pendejo!"
by lesharkattaque April 18, 2007
Pubic hair according to Velazquez, A New Pronouncing Dictionary, Spanish-English, English-Spanish, New York, D. Appleton and Company, 1905
Used as an insult
George Bush es un gran pendejo.
by W. Shoemaker January 25, 2008
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