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You guys are idiots, you spelled PENILE incorreclty. Penal pliers would be pliers that are of, relating to, or involving punishment, penalties , or punitive institutions. And thats just fucking stupid.
The education system has failed you, log off life.

(penal pliers)
by ChiefChiefChief May 18, 2006
A tool used to sexually pleasure men via urethra insertion.
Sam inserted the penal pliers and cried with bliss as his semen slide stretched.
by Circle Jerker November 27, 2004
A tool usually made of recycled steel used to stretch the penis. This practice is usually undergone in bondage sex.
Get out the penal pliers Mary, I've got a hankering for some kinky stuff.
by EnterTheGoatse November 26, 2004
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