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A party or gathering with an inexcusable quantity of males and a shortage of women. Synonym: SAUSAGE FEST
This video game convention is such a penal colony!
Engineering classes are penal colonies.
by lancer3339 January 10, 2010
The area Australia is derived from. A long time ago, britain ran out of room in its prisons, so it sent out prisoners to Australia with free land. These criminals make up a majority of Australia's Population today.
Person 1: I learned about the Penal Colony of Australia in World History today! :)
Person 2: Want Some Crack?
by Taeko Hentie April 07, 2006
a penal institution where prisoners are exiled, usually in a jail that is almost impossible to escape.
The County jail made a whole new penal colony--heck, they are never getting outta here!
by cha_rite March 21, 2005
Ye Olde term for a group of penii that have been Castrated from their original hosts.
These colonies exist for the benefit of England, by enslaving Penii they can command them to do their bidding.
Democratic Wanksta 1-"Ahhhhh shit the Penal Colony is Coming"
1337 H4xx0r-"Meh?"
by Deus_ExPimp July 25, 2003
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