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A small town south of Boston in Massachusetts. It is often refered to as "The Broke." It is well known for absolutely nothing, it's town green, little league baseball, and poop smearing on the high school walls
I wish I didn't live in Pembroke
by Glenn November 08, 2004
Town in Pembrokeshire west Wales .Has a Castle,you must visit monkton after dark ,its 'lovely'
Pembroke Has A Castle.
........thats it!
by Hash BROON August 06, 2006
Pembroke is a town in Plymouth County, Massachusetts, United States. It is filled with bleach-blonde, orange skinned, North Face wearing cunts, wannabe g's, and sk8ter bois. There seems to be a disproportionate amount of attractive females when compared to the disgusting excuse for males there is. Great track team and music/theatre department, but that's it.

Oh, and yeah, just about everybody smokes weed.
Rob: "Fuck, my dealer is in Pembroke."
Matt: "Hey, at least the chicks are hot."
by FuckAllWhyAmIInPembroke? March 20, 2011
Search Sliver Lake and take everything you know from that list and add it to pembroke. Then add:
1.Shit all over the walls
2.Animals running carelessly through the halls
3.Jackhammers going off in front of the overhead projectors
4.Contaminated Water
5.Contaminated Air
6.Firedrills on the coldest days of the year
7.Mine Shaft lights
9. And oh yes, a fucking butch beast as principal.
StudentA:You see that bird?
StudentB:Oh yeah!, but now its stuck in the shit thats smeared on the wall, next to the beast who is dying from caliform in the water.
by Gomer Piles December 16, 2004
town in massachusetts with 3 black people in whole town.
sports teams suck only the cheerleaders go places.
really boring and everyone there smokes weed.
bob:damn look at them cheerleaders
jake:i bet they're from pembroke
by sarah brigett March 24, 2008
Short name for a certain breed of dog: Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Also known by welsh corgi, corgi.
A: Did you see her Pembroke?
B: Yes, shes has a good chance in the dog show this year.

by SH33VA February 03, 2006
A small rural town of a few thousand in North Carolina. Is in the poorest county in North Carolina known for its high murder rate. The town itself is filled with a disenfranchised Native American population known as the Lumbee who fight for recognition by the other tribes. Because of their mysterious origins and racial attributes. The small town population is known for their distinct accents and local dialect. One of the main attractions is the University named after the town that is one of the earliest Native American Universities in the United States.
Out of town Pembroke student: Hey dude, what are you?
Lumbee Native: I'm a Lumbee. Didn't you know anything about Pembroke before you got here. Robeson county is home of da LUMBEE!
by Jesse Oxendine October 31, 2012

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