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Pembrokes Pines is an unheard of city in South Florida. Basically its like a suburb of Ft. Lauderdale or Hollywood but not Miami because Miami is in Dade County and Pembroke Pines is in Broward. Pines runs from like up near University to basically the edge of the everglades. So basically theres a really crappy part of Pembroke Pines and a really nice part. The crappy part is kinda ghetto. They have south campus of Broward College down there and it's like the most ghetto campus of all of them. The nice part is like where all the doctors and lawyers and people who have a job live. That's basically it. It's a nice place but don't come live here because houses are freakishly expensive.
John: Hey lets go live in Pembroke Pines!

Jen: We can visit the nice part but not the ghetto part because we might get mugged!

*after visit*

John: Lets move to Pembroke Pines!

Jen: No way! The houses are freaking expensive!
by littlemissitalian January 22, 2011
The place of low key shone, potheads & pembroke natives who like to fight. a secret hatred between hispanic and black. sessions held in the landings, the woods, pretty much any where from muvico to cut N corners, sneakerheads, everything is a walk but it dont really matter cause there are gils anywhere you go in pembroke. you can always find a pembroke native by taco bell asking for a water cup or in wendy's by publix, you got pembroke natives that rap you got pembroke natives that trap.
john: lets go to Pembroke pines i heard they having a sesh

craig :oh yeah they burning in pines
by SRSB October 11, 2012

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