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Pembroke Hall is the greatest dorm on Belmont University's campus! The residents of this hall, being all men, are the backbone of the social society at Belmont. Pembroke is always involved in campus activities and is known for it's craziness at sporting events.

The guys that live in this building are commonly referred to as "Pembros" and the girls that hangout there are known as the "Pemhoes."

Everyone on campus also knows that "Greatness never looked so good" as it does in Pembroke!
Freshman Transfer Student: "I'm not sure where to live when I move to Belmont"
Random Belmont Student: "Dude, you should live in Pembroke Hall! 'Cause it is the raddest place on campus."

Belmont Girl 1: "OHH MYYY GAWWDD! Those Pembros are SO hott!!!"
Belmont Girl 2: "I know... I wish I could get with one!"
by mrsmarts January 14, 2011
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