A devastating sexual maneuver that often leads to catastrophic vaginal failure, second degree concussions, and in rare cases a vegetative state.

Most often delivered by the male, a pelvic punch is the tightening of the groin muscles and genitalia into the resemblance of knuckles on a fist and forcefully gaining entry by lunging one's body in a straight-line motion as to deliver a bone-shattering shock wave of a destructive nature.

It is often used in third world countries as a primitive form of abortion.
Victim: "I had to tell my parents why I'm using crutches today"

Assailant: "You didn't tell 'em I pelvic punched you did you?!"

Patient: "Baby, (followed by a variety of clicks and pops)"

Village Elder: "Pelvic Punch? $3 American."
by The Bunghole-Brothers June 13, 2009
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