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What fancy people call water.
Dart- "Hey Boyd, wheres all the pellegrino?"

Boyd- "Wheres the what now?

Dart- "Ya know, the water, im thirsty after i ate the rest of the generic fritos and rice"

Boyd- "Just call it water next time, dill hole"
by The_Buddy January 08, 2012
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A Term used to describe a Trisexual Caucasian Shemale, Who is an extreme dork that loves math. "Pellegrinos" are most likely shemales that play "World Of Worldcraft" and enjoys "Girl On Girl" Action. A Pellegrino also has a small uncircumcised penis.
That Guys such a Pellegrino...
Look at him, hes watching porn while doing math homework
oh he has an uncircumcised penis.
by Adam Harris Jr. III February 01, 2009

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