Any material (which could include vinyl) that attempts to cover usually sloppy, roast beef style pussy lips in an attempt to constrict their natural tendency to dangle like the sweating flaps of overexposed and necrotic skin under good ol' granny's arms. Pelican briefs are easily spotted on the beach, where there the tell-tale sign is a wad of festering flesh akin to the underside of a pelican's beak.
"Hey little buddy, look at those pelican briefs..."
"...Oh Skipper, I think I threw up a little..."
"It'll be alright little buddy, let's go home and I'll give you a nice warm sizzle chest you can sport on the boardwalk this evening."
"I love you Skipper....but my stink eye still burns."
by Haskins Lombardi II December 19, 2003
Top Definition
When you are getting a Blow Job and the girl also takes your balls and at the same time sticks her tongue up your ass.
You would have thought she was related to John Grisham by the quality Pelican Brief she gave me!

by Baby Arm May 28, 2008
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