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Pelham is a ridiculously small town in Suburbia, Southern NH. Its near Windham, Dracut MA, Tyngsboro MA, Salem, Hudson, and Nashua. People in Pelham talk about Lowell as if it were the Compton. I find this very sad. There are no gangs in Pelham. Our school system is falling apart and the high school is losing accreditation. The only places to go are the malls in Salem/Nashua, or Chunkys, so there is nothing to do, so mostly everyone does drugs: typically pot, but recently, oxy has been catching on. There are no gangs in Pelham. Everyone hates everyone else here. Mostly because everyone sucks so badly. There are no gangs in Pelham.
There are no gangs in Pelham NH.
by lloyd- April 04, 2009
Small suburban town on the NH/MA line . It is known as one of the biggest drug towns in the Lowell Area . It is within 5 miles of some of the Largest Citys in New England , Lowell Ma , Lawrence Ma, Nashua NH, Methuen MA. Gang members are mostly kids who have moved here from the city . As there a growing amount of people moving to Pelham from Lowell . Gangs present in Pelham are the Tiny Raskal Gang (TRG) Asian Boiz (ABZ)and of course the wanna be gang M-80's . Pelhams Education has gone down the drain. The school board in Pelham has fucked the over Pelham schools so bad that the High school in Pelham , Pelham High School will be loosing its accreditation. Pelham is a town of 13,000 and is increasing as people move into the suburbs . Pelham is a middle class town Unlike Windham to the north of Pelham. Pelham kids will often be smoking pot in the woods or getting into fights by the skate park . The only private school in Pelham is a joke it wont take any public school kids because of the problems theyve caused. Pelham NH i warn you do not move here
Pelham Nh
by PelhamBOi March 31, 2009
A suburb in southern New Hampshire on the Massachusetts border. Makes up the bottom left part of the Windham-Pelham-Salem-Atkinson rhombus. While Pelham is quite nice, as is its neighbor Windham, it is surrounded by ghettos such as Lowell, Massachusetts and Nashua. Drugs frequently enter the town from such areas and infest the Pelham youth, but it's no wonder considering how boring the town really is.
Pelham NH would be a great place to grow up if it had more stuff to do and if Gov. Lynch built a wall separating it from Nashua, Methuen, and Lowell.
by 603explorer July 08, 2009
A middle class town where the only stores in the area are used car shops, gas stations, gun shops, tattoo parlors, and banks. The high school is torn to shreds by the countless decades of unfortunate children that have attended there. The kids that populate pelham are too busy to fix there broken school because they are always getting high.
I live in Pelham NH. Help
by unfortunatelyINpelham August 24, 2011
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