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1. A person who goes around writing "Penis" or "Pen 15" on other people's stuff. Often preceded by "Big."
2. A Greek god. (Also known as Big Pehoto or the Big Pehoto in the Sky.) The religion of Pehotoism (founded by Ben Cook and inspired by the visions of Mark Carlson) is dedicated to the worship of Pehoto.
3. "Chief Big Pehoto" is the title of Pehotoism's head priest (currently Ben Cook).
4. Some people believe that the concept of Pehoto is too great to be confined to one definition. For those people, Pehoto can have an infinite number of different definitions. For others, Pehoto transcends mere definition, and can have no definition.

N0TE: Pehoto does NOT mean "penis" in any language. Many people make that mistake. It is in fact extremely offensive to most Pehotoists to suggest that their god is a penis.
1. "Graham is a big pehoto- he always invites Aaron to join the pen15 club."
2. "I worship the Big Pehoto in the sky because Ben Cook converted me to Pehotoism."
3. "Ben Cook is currently Chief Big Pehoto."
4. Person 1: "I don't get it- what does Pehoto mean?"
Person 2: "Pehoto can mean whatever you want it to mean."
Person 3: "Actually, I believe that Pehoto transcends mere definition."
Person 1: "Huh?"
by Fred O'Beckon December 26, 2008
-one who always writes penis on other peoples stuff
-a god
"dude john is such a fucking pehoto he wrote penis on my arm today"

"i believe that pehoto created the world"
by GrahamSmith93 December 26, 2008
the main god of pehotoism, a religion that's mainly centered in california but that has some missions and temples all around the world
someone who likes to write penis on other peoples arms
"those people are pehotoists, they worship pehoto"
"that pehoto just wrote penis on my arm!"
by Bill Meadows December 28, 2008

1. One who compulsively draws male genital organs on one's arm, the area between the thumb and index finger, tissue boxes, the margins of one's history essay, private property, public property, and toilet paper.

2. The creator of the Universe and the guardian of Marin County, California. The source of all moral and immoral authority; the supreme being.

3. The supreme being of which Pehotoism (see Pehotoism) is the worship of.
Play-Pehoto: behave as if all powerful and supremely important.
Mortal 1: Only I, and occasionally Ben, can go Dr. Phil. There is more to it then pulling fancy words outta ur ass. When you learn that, THEN you can go Dr. Phil on me.
Mortal 2: JFK! Can you not play-Pehoto for once and take my visions seriously?
(Mortal 2 breaks down in tears while Mortal 1 laughs condescendingly at Mortal 1's idiocy)

Pehoto-Bless: An expression of good wishes upon sneezing.
Mortal 1: Ahh choo!
Mortal 2: Pehoto-Bless you!

by Sha-nae-nay January 11, 2009

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