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A woman's breasts. You know, your girlfriends Gozongas. Your mom's Meat Rack. Your daughters Tetangas. Get the idea?

The word comes from the noise that a bicycle horn makes when you squeeze it.

See Peh Peh Milk
Frank - "WHOA! Check out those Peh Peh's!"

Mitch - "Wow, those are quite the pair" *Goes up to women, squeezes her breasts while making "Peh Peh" horn sound*

Frank - "Nice man!"

*Slaps Five*
by Koolguy_gt500 June 21, 2010
1 Word related to Peh Peh's
another word for Pee Pee
Chris likes Peh Peh
by insanely awesome person May 14, 2009
A sound which is like the sort of noise one would make in pre tension of saying HEY GUYZ
Dan: PehPeh HEY GUYZ
by pahahahahaha May 09, 2008

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