a very sex craved woman who got married to al bundy a highschool football star turned shoesales man he and peggy got married and they had 2 kids and have a crazy family that act like it's home sweet hell. and she begs al for sex almost everynight.
peggy:AL!!! let's have sex!
AL:Thar She blows!
by Patrick Dron December 01, 2003
Top Definition
A sex starved lazy housewife who sits on her fat sexy ass all day eating bon bons and watching Oprah.
Peggy Bundy was invited to the gangbang.
by a neighbor July 26, 2004
A middle-aged woman who needs that big ass violated doggy-style in the worst way! Also see Al Bundy. Was probably as hot as Kelly at one time BUT she still has it goin'on!
That Peggy Bundy would be a hit with the boys in the "big house"
by dave November 27, 2003
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