super cool; also associated with getting a lot of girls and or being awesome
"that was such a peggle party last night"

"check out this peggle jacket i just got"
by pegglemaster909 February 02, 2010
Top Definition
The greatest and most addicting game ever. Like Crack... only better
Bob: Have you heard about this game peggle?
Billy: Yeah. It's awesome. I stayed up all night playing it.
Bob: ME TOO!
Billy: That's just sad
by Colm.. January 26, 2009
1. Peggle is a casual puzzle video game developed by Sukhbir Sidhu and Brian Rothstein of PopCap Games.

2. A word used to point out someone has been pranked or bested.
Scenario #1
Greg: "Oh fuck someone unscrewed the lid to the nutritional yeast shaker. Crap, I just dumped huge pile on my beans."
Drew: "Peggle!"

Scenario #2
Dylan is struggling to bike up a steep hill*
Drew passes Dylan while riding with no hands and texting.
Dylan receives a text after Drew passes: "Peggle!"
by YouBeenPeggled February 11, 2013
A person who is so toasty that their legs feel as heavy as wood, creating the illusion that the person has "peg legs". Most people defined by this term have hair of the ginger variety and may also coincidentally be known as "stumpy." The person will usually have hair of the ginger variety and is commonly subjected to an array of food allergies and illnesses.
Stoner 1: "I can't stand up…it's like I have peg legs!"

Stoner 2: "It's okay Peggles, you're just a bit too toasty…"
by kayeyeemme February 05, 2011
To bring joy to the world.

A Peggle moment - The act of bringing joy to someone or something.
Tom: I just won the lottery and I am going to share my winnings with you Bro
Jim: Dude! You serious?
Tom: Yeah man, it's a Peggle moment for you bro!
by DAMASCUS111 September 17, 2014
The illness pirates get when they have unkempt peg legs. This is often a gross and unsightly infection surrounding the area where the peg meets the leg. Doctors have never seen this because pirates are like outlaws and Chuck Norris, and don't need doctors. It should clear up in a couple days, if not, then the infected person will die.
Arg, ye got yerself a bad case of Peggle. Git off me vessle 'fore it spreads! Arg.
by pirate person July 06, 2010
To engage in sexual activity, esp. boinking.
Children, you stay here by the pool while Mother and I go back to the room and peggle.
by vacuouss August 31, 2007
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