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a supermassive Spaniard.
Someone who you just cant stand being around, someone who is super annoying! This is when you would name that person Peeway.
by mint1e May 17, 2010
someone who is a massive cunt!
This is person annoying!
peeway does something stupid ...
by mint1e May 17, 2010
A person would would rather spend all his free time playing magic online than play xbox live with his friends.
friend - 'what are you doing?'
peeway - 'Just got back from work'
'wrong, your going to turn your xbox on!'
'wrong i'm loading up the modo software'
'becos its release week and this set is so much fun and i keep winning and they only run these events for like a week. dont worry i'll be back on the xbox after wednesday'
by mint1e May 17, 2010
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