mans penis
hey you have a big peep
by Meredith February 08, 2004
Peeps also known as "nigga peeps" is a black man 7-8 feet tall with the biggest dick and has a high pitched voice accompanied with a lisp (worse than Tyson). Also known to give a running start before lunging his dick into that ass.
"Ma nigguh peeps bouta git up in dat shit fashooo!"
by Shredfactory November 02, 2009
Another word for a character that represents a person in RollerCoaster Tycoon
I watched the peep vandalize my park!
by RocketGib June 06, 2005
1. A fan of WWE's Christian
2. An individual who truly understands professional wrestling.
I am part of the Christian Coalition - I am Christian's peep.
by jDogg February 25, 2005
to look at, my nigga
Kunta Kinte: Peep this fatty. We bout to get blazed.
Uncle Tom: Word. Spark that $#!+.
by el4 November 13, 2004
Peeing and pooping at the same time.
Steve thought he only had to take a #2, but when he sat down he realized he needed a wizz as well. So Steve then proceeded to peep.
by Cords April 23, 2007
to stare real hard at, especially out through the window.
"aye man leemme 'lone, i'm tryin to get my peep on"
by Peep this September 03, 2006

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