gross marshmallow easter candies in the shape of bunnies or chicks covered in sugar. usually consumed in a fit of boredom. or end up in the microwave.
cool i got peeps in my easter basket!
*eats one* ewww.
lets take these to the microwave.
by grace johnson April 14, 2007
1) Newly-hatched chickens, hence the name of the shaped marshmallow Easter candy.
2) The sounds made by baby chickens.
3) Secretly watches, usually for sexual thrill.
1) I can't wait for these peeps to grow up so I can eat them.
2) That incessant peeping is getting on my nerves!
3) The way Tom peeps at his neighbor's voluptuous young daughter is revolting.
by Alice N. Paine April 11, 2007
The tiniest emission of sound, oftentimes coming from a human. Mostly used when describing the abscence of noise.
Luke: And so I came home, expecting this big, loud, surprise birthday party, but there wasn't a peep throughout the house!

Morris: So they forgot your birthday?

Luke: No. As it turns out, they threw me a mime party.
by Diggity Monkeez April 08, 2005
The act of peeing and pooping in one sitting.
Dude, I just took the best peep of my life in the pool.
by Norman Franco September 05, 2009
A cute little blue bird with big cheeks and a budgie beak.
What's that over there? It's hard to see because she is so tiny but it looks like a peep!
by blue bird peep September 10, 2009
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