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The act of peeing and pooping in one sitting.
Dude, I just took the best peep of my life in the pool.
by Norman Franco September 05, 2009
A pink marshmellow rabbit covered in sugar and three brown dots.
Let those peeps harden, they are too soft.
by Peter Faraday March 11, 2009
Yo whad up my peeps?
by Jebus Bob Rice March 07, 2003
A cute little blue bird with big cheeks and a budgie beak.
What's that over there? It's hard to see because she is so tiny but it looks like a peep!
by blue bird peep September 10, 2009
(v) To go to the bathroom, #1 AND #2. A combination of the words "pee" and "poop"
Yo man, I definitely need toilet paper because I gotta peep.
by caringiscreepy July 31, 2009
a pink jeep... particularly a pink jeep found in ontario...
check it out, its peep!
by rico3548 October 24, 2008
The everything verb. This word may be used to substitute any verb.
I peeped on the couch last night.

I went to the store to peep some milk.

I peeped my girlfriend last night.

Did you hear the news? Johnny is peeping Sandy!
by Rocke March 05, 2008